Welcome to Blue Water Swim School

We have the right class for you!

At Blue Water Swim School, our primary goal is education in aquatics at all levels, but especially, for children to learn how to swim. We pride ourselves on small class sizes, offering low student to teacher to ratios at our brand new pool facility. We offer a wide variety of classes designed to fill your family’s specific needs.

Technique and Specialized Instruction

We are dedicated to providing technique and specialized instruction for individual students, from infant to adult, who have the desire to learn to swim for safety, recreation, at the High School Level, USA Swimming, and preparation for Collegiate Athletics. Blue Water also offers Advanced Stroke Instruction, Competitive Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Water Safety Instruction, CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard Training for advanced students. Specializing first in Aquatic Safety, Blue Water is proud to focus on learning to swim for recreation and enjoyment of the sports of competitive aquatics. This specialized instruction is designed to be both challenging and rewarding for parents and students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide parents and students with professional instruction and the very best in aquatic education. We strive to create a fun learning environment which encourages students of all ages to become self-motivated and provide them with proficiency in safety, fun, fitness and competitive aquatics.

Motto — Nec literas didicit nec natare

Our motto is derived from an Ancient Latin Phrase, which translates in English to "He had neither learnt to read nor to swim". Swimming was considered so important in Ancient Athens and Rome, that it was a sport in the First Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and it ranked with Letters, which was one of the Seven Liberal Arts in Roman education.

John Locke (1632–1704) the English Enlightenment Philosopher is credited with the following passage and relates that Swimming is a specialized skill which requires teaching. It is our mission to educate the San Diego Community in this essential life skill.

Some Thoughts Concerning Education

I shall not need here to mention swimming, when he is of an age able to learn, and has any one to teach him. ’Tis that saves many a man’s life; and the Romans thought it so necessary, that they rank’d it with letters; and it was the common phrase to mark one ill-educated, and good for nothing, that he had neither learnt to read nor to swim:

Nec literas didicit nec natare.

But, besides the gaining a skill which may serve him at need, the advantages to health by often bathing in cold water during the heat of summer, are so many, that I think nothing need be said to encourage it. - John Locke